Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Few of My Favorite Things (And a Chance to Win a $20 Barnes and Noble Gift Card)

My friend Kimberly Black recently blogged about a few of her favorite things. With Thanksgiving just around the corner I thought I’d follow suit. So here they are: a few of my favorite things in no particular order. And at the bottom of the list are instructions on how you could win a $20 Barnes & Noble gift card!!!

1. Dentyne Fire gum.
2. Nic’s Sticks nail polish pens-It’s like nail polish for writers! I’m much better at holding a pen than a brush, so I have these in pretty much every color including my current favorite-midnight blue
3. Sun Kill Moon-Perfect writing music. And my husband loves that the band name was inspired by Sun Kill Moon the boxer.
4. My pillow-top mattress and flannel sheets-Luxuries I’ll always be grateful for. My dad grew up very poor, and he never had sheets until my mom—his high school girlfriend—bought him his first set. The story still makes me cry.
5. My Gilmore Girls box sets-It’s hard to find a show you can watch over and over, but this is so genius, so intricate, that even after multiple viewings there are still things I miss.
6. Victoria’s Secret Pink sweats-I’m addicted. I wear them much more than jeans. I don’t care if Stacy and Clinton say you shouldn’t wear sweats out of the house.
7. My sister-She makes me laugh when I need to laugh, lets me cry when I need to cry, and still remembers playing Saved by the Bell with our Barbies and buying the first cassette tapes that were all ours: Debbie Gibson and Tiffany.
8. Pink Grapefruit-The Sunflower Shop (our area’s answer to Whole Foods) down the road has specials where they sell 10 for $1. I take my reusable totes and buy like 30 at a time and eat a grapefruit with every meal for ten days straight.
9. The Community Pool-Passes are only $13 a month, so I go a few times a week and enjoy the water and watching the tween birthday parties—complete with cute swimsuits, cute water tricks, and cute-lifeguard watching.
10. My hip hop dance videos-I love dancing, and this way the people in the class can’t see me, but I can see them!

So what are your favorite things? Write your answers in the comments and if we get the comment number up to 20 by the end of Thanksgiving day, the names of everyone who left comments will go into a hat, and we’ll pick a random winner who will win…a $20 Barnes and Noble gift card just in time for Christmas!


Annette Lyon said...

Great list!

I love my mini (fake)fireplace. I keeps my icy toes warm as I write.

I love the Finnish Christmas tree decorations my parents just shipped to me. (Cannot WAIT to see them on my tree!)

And I love wearing Shade t-shirts to bed. So comfy, with no bunching of baggy pj tops I had before! (Baggy pj pants are fine--tops? Not so much. Drive me nuts.)

Marcia Mickelson said...

Love your favorites. I've got to check out those nail polish pens. How cool. I've never see those. And, Debbie Gibson? Tiffany? I'm so there. I used to love those gals!

Some of my favorites- Pillsbury cookie dough in a bucket, open toed shoes, my MP3 Player, our new DirecTV DVR, magazines, GPS, Coke, cherry pie, bookstores, wooden Thomas trains, Facebook, blogs, my baby's feet, playgrounds, libraries(Okay, that's enough for now)

Mindful Molly said...

A few? I could go on for quite a while, but, I am definitely up for Debbie Gibson, anything 80's music really, collecting scrapbooking stuff (I never find enough time to use it all, though I should), my Old Navy black sweat pants, my fingernails...yeah, yeah it sounds funny but it makes me happy to have them done. I also love bringing out my Christmas ornaments, each one I hand picked myself, and love!

Amanda said...

Hm, a few of my favorite things...well, my ipod, lots and lots of books, fingernail clippers (yes I'm a dork), my dictionary and thesaurus, old B&W movies, photo albums, fountain pens, Godiva chocolate...ooh, you mentioned people, too! My husband, my kids, my cousins...yeah. I could go on, but probably shouldn't. :D

Jennifer said...

My favorite things: Chips and dip (either potato chips w/onion dip or tortilla chips w/salsa), my computer, my Centro phone (which is my second computer), my books and inter-library loan (now I can get all kinds of books without leaving Nebraska), facebook.

Liz said...

i stumbled onto this blog via Marcia Mickelson. love those favorites! and love this blog!
my favorite things: a clean bathroom, a clean kitchen floor, Christmas trees, crackers with spread, sandwiches (any kind), new zealand, and curry!!
thanks for letting me play!

Tamra Norton said...

Things I love...

Dancing With The Stars, Q-tips, avacados, fudge covered oreos (which I think they discontinued making aside from white fudge), bluegrass music, mountains, my grandbaby (he's 6 weeks tomorrow), cell phones in general (I'd love to upgrade), diet Coke, BOOKS!!!!!