Monday, June 25, 2007

What is a Blog?

A year and a half ago, I had no idea what a blog was. I was watching Nancy Grace one night when she was talking about a man who had been arrested and there was incriminating evidence on his blog. And, I said, "what is a blog." I had never heard of the word before. A little after that, LDS Publisher announced her blog and I finally realized what it was. And, I was hooked. I checked her blog every day. My only question was, where was she two years ago when I really needed her.

Before LDS Publisher, there were the LDS Storymakers who I also love. I read both of their books- Publishing Secrets and Writing Secrets. They were both extremely helpful. And then there was the series of questions I e-mailed Tamra Norton about publishing. (I don't know if she remembers those, but thanks for answering them).

Anyway, I just really love LDS Publisher and thank her extremely for her blog. After that, I was hooked on blogs now that I figured out what they were. And thanks to her list of blogs, I started reading Six LDS Writers and A Frog, along with Josi Kilpack's blog and Tristi Pinkston's blog. Then, I was really hooked. And then, the genius ladies came up with Writers in Heels so I could check all my favorite blogs on one site and I have enjoyed the other women who blog there.

I started my own blog and will probably post there once in a while, but I think I will really enjoy blogging here at the Ink Ladies. I can handle posting once a week, and I like hearing from the others. Blogs are great, now that I know what one is.


Tamra Norton said...

Thanks to YOU, Marcia, for inviting me to join The Ink Ladies. Blog on! :)

Marsha Ward said...

Hi Marcia,

Blogging is so much fun. I'm delighted to join this group, and looking forward to my first blog on Wednesday. Thanks to you for inviting me, and to Crystal for putting us in touch!

Marsha Ward
Writer in the Pines

Elodia Strain said...

Yay! I love your blog on blogs :) And I love The Ink Ladies. I'm already having so much fun, and it's been just a week! Thanks for everything Marcia.