Tuesday, June 17, 2008


So my internet and I were having a difference of opinion yesterday, but here I am, a day late, but alive and kicking!

We got to greet a friend from Samoa last week on his first trip to the U.S. What a fabulous experience!! He flew in Tuesday, spent the night and we drove him to the MTC Wednesday, after a trip to town to outfit him for his mission.

To say he was overwhelmed could not even begin to describe his reaction to the U.S. He came from a country where they grow nearly everything they eat, working in the jungle and fishing for their daily food. To see everything laid out in the grocery store was quite a shock.

It was such a beautiful experience. He was filled with such a strong desire to serve the Lord, his spirit touched us all.

I can't even begin to describe the feelings and experiences in that short space of time. He is truly a member of our family now, someone we will never forget.

Now I'm homesick. Homesick for a beautiful island in the south Pacific that I've only visited once. I'm homesick for the happy people and their simple lifestyle. As I saw on a plaque the other day, "The beach is where my heart is."

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Tamra Norton said...

What a great experience for your children to meet this wonderful Elder from another nation and see him off on his mission!