Wednesday, May 21, 2008

American Idol Finale

by Marsha Ward

A couple of years ago, who knew I would be such a reality show junkie? Okay, let me qualify that. I watch two reality shows: American Idol and Dancing with the Stars. Let me tell you. Yesterday was horrible. Both of the shows were head-to-head, along with the season finale of NCIS. Without TiVo, what's a girl to do but flip channels all night? I know, I can get the DVDs for the series show, but the reality shows are live!

Tonight's American Idol finale was very enjoyable. So nice to see members of the Top Twelve back. I thought Carly and Michael were very hot in their duet of "My Baby Wrote Me a Letter." In addition to the regulars, the night was star-studded, and sometimes in surprising ways, like Gladys Knight and the pseudo Pips: Ben Stiller, Jack Black, and Robert Downey, Jr. I hope the downloads make a mint for charity.

Graham Nash and Brooke White rocked. So did David Cook and ZZ Top. Fernando Lapuz did much better in the audition round than he did tonight with "I Am Your Brother," though. However, George Michael looked and sounded even better than he did all season on "Eli Stone." His first American tour in 17 years kicks off in San Diego soon. The power of television is wonderful.

And the winner? Although I speed-dialed for my choice for two solid hours, with a lead of 12 million votes, it was David . . . . .

Spoiler Alert


You can look now

. . . . Cook!

Congratulations to both Davids, who fought the good fight.


Tamra Norton said...

I LOVED the show last night! You mentioned some of my favorites: Brooke and Graham Nash, David C and ZZ Top, Gladys Knight and The (new?) Pips, etc. I loved the guitar hero/Risky Business commercials. Now, the only thing lacking in my life is a white suit coat like Carrie Underwood was sporting... :)

Even though I was rooting for David A, I'm so happy for David Cook. He's awesome!

Marcia Mickelson said...

I was glued to the TV last night as well. I love David Cook. It was a great show and so fun to see so many performances.

Amanda said...

Yay for David Cook! I'm so glad he won!

I hear you on the American Idol/NCIS thing though! Thankfully, I only have two shows coming to a head on Tuesday, so I can record one while I watch the other (I don't have TiVo), but even still, I wish they were on different nights. NCIS finale was great, though!

Janette Rallison said...

I have yet to see the show. One of these days though my to-do list won't be so long and then I'm going to watch tv.

Marsha Ward said...

Let's see. Janette has umpteen million books in print and doesn't watch TV.

I have, ahem, two, and do watch TV.

Who is smarter here?

Don't answer that!