Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Creating Villains

By Tamra Norton

I've written six published novels and each one has at least one "villain" or "bad guy." They've ranged from mean girls and bullies to prissy prom queens and bad boys looking for nutin' but trouble. Basically, you could identify the "bad-guys" from my books within any given elementary school playground or high school cafeteria.

Even as an adult, you still remember the "villains" from your childhood and teenage years. If you're a writer you've likely written them into every story, and take great pleasure in creating ways for your main character to get even.

Sad, slightly satisfying, and true.

For my current work-in-progress I'm actually creating an honest-to-freaking-goodness, scare-your-pants-off, out-of-this-world, evil villain (or villainess--no spoilers here!) and I'm having so much fun!

And unlike my other stories, this evil villain starts out about as unassuming as a turnip in vegetable garden. The reader has no idea--for a while--that the kitty is actually a saber tooth tiger. Oh, there are some gradual hints along the way, but they are subtle, kind of like a bag of Nacho Cheese Doritos--always leaving orange gunk on your fingers that you can't help but lick off, and then dig in the bag for more, more, more. Muahahahahahaaaaa....

Don't forget to check under your bed tonight before you go to sleep!


Janette Rallison said...

Isn't it funny what we think is fun about writing and which characters in our books we enjoy writing? One of my favorite characters in my current WIP is an evil ogre. Literally.

And I would love to stay in Hotel Norton again!

Julie Wright said...

I love evil villians!!!

Josi said...

Aha, Tami does have a dark side! I knew it!