Thursday, May 29, 2008


by Elodia Strain

Ahh…Summertime. The time of Otter Pops and bicycles. Swimming suits and strawberries.

There’s just something about this time of year, when grown-ups migrate outside to porch swings and lawnchairs, and kids re-discover water games and cartoon tag.

I’ve had a lot of really great summer memories. Below are just a few. Listed in order of least to most traumatic. He, he. I'm just joking you! (Mostly.)

1. Yellowstone National Park. I loved seeing real, live buffalo and pretending I totally knew Jackalopes weren’t real. But I was so terrified of falling into a geyser and being sucked into the center of the earth that I don’t really remember much about the day we spent visiting Old Faithful.
2. My first trip to Great America. It’s a theme park in California’s Bay Area. I went with my Girl Scout troop and discovered what dot candy was. You know those sheets of paper with little colored dots of sugar on them? I was hooked!
3. Getting ready to leave for college. I was scared. I was excited. I went blonde. (And it took me about six years to get back, so maybe I should have thought twice about that one.)
4. The 4th of July Ymay Atherfay (name has been written in another language to protect identity) decided to set off fireworks in the backyard, and burned a hole in my favorite pair of shoes.
5. The summer my husband and I looked for an “inexpensive-yet-nice-and-safe” apartment in Seattle, Washington.

So, there are some of my greatest summer memories. What are some of yours?


Annette Lyon said...

Now I really want to see a pictre of you blonde . . . any chance you post one sometime? :D

Marcia Mickelson said...

Summer is great. I loved going to the beach with my cousins and floating on the waves in inner tubes.

Amanda said...

I've never been on a beach with inner tubes, but one of my favorite summertime memories involves tubing down the Frio River. and then just lots of swimming. It's so hot in Texas, you need to swim a lot.

My mom also used to give us those Fla-vor-ice popsicles, or she made popsicles out of OJ, and those were wonderful.

Of course, my favorite summer memory is the summer I met my husband when I was on an exchange program in France.

Tamra Norton said...

Aaaah, Great America!!! Growing up in Northern CAlifornia, that was out "Dinseyland!" I LOVED that place!

I think my favorite summer memory was swimming in our above ground pool. We used to get whirlpools going by all swimming in the same direction. Total fun!

Robyn Heirtzler said...

I love summer!!! I love anything to do with water, but not public pools, anything but public pools. I love to stop the boat in the middle of the lake and swim, take turns diving from the bow or taking a nap across the back of the boat. There's nothing like the warm sun on your back as you bob in the water to lull you into a lazy summer sleep.