Saturday, November 3, 2007

"Four Things" Tag

By Katie Parker

OK, I figured out recently that Marcia tagged me on this a really long time ago. So I humbly, repentantly submit the following:

Four Jobs I've Had:
Test Development Specialist
History Instructor
Substitute Teacher

Four Places I've Lived:
Salt Lake City, UT
Eau Claire, WI
Norman, OK
Baton Rouge, LA

Four Favorite TV Shows:
I don’t actually have any series that I follow. Does that make me dull?

Four Favorite Foods:
steak (the good kind)
Taco salad
Chips and salsa
Movie popcorn

(**And one late addition to my favorite foods list: Home & Garden Party's praline dip with apples. I have a batch of it mixed up in my fridge right now, and no one else in my house will eat it because it has cream cheese in it. Not that I mind! Yum.)

Four Websites I Frequent:
Gmail (does that count?)
Google (always searching for something)

Four Places I'd Rather Be Right Now:
in a fast car with my husband driving
the library
at a good furniture store with unlimited cash in my pocket
the temple (do I get brownie points for that one?)

Four Movies I Love:
Toy Story
Back to the Future
Star Wars
Princess Bride

(My choices are kind of lame. You’d think I never go to the movies or watch TV.)

Four Bloggers I Tag Next:

Any of the InkLadies who hasn’t already done this one

Janet Jensen (

C.S. Bezas (

Christine Kersey (


Marsha Ward said...

Movie popcorn! There's nothing like it. Yum!

Christine said...


Thanks for tagging me. I haven't blogged lately so this gives me something to blog about.

Luckily, I subscribe to google alerts. That's how I found out you'd tagged me. :)


Katie Parker said...

Good thinking, Christine! Glad you got the message!