Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Living Your Dream

By Tamra Norton

My poor brother was the only boy raised in a house with seven sisters. Can you even imagine? But somehow, the guy managed to survive the hurricanes of estrogen that bashed the shores of our home on a regular basis (as in monthly...times seven).

The cool thing, though, is that my brother has had a dream--a "passion" in life, if you will--and is living it. He's a world class fly fishing guide and has traveled the globe assisting others on what some would call dream fly-fishing excursions. He's fished in Alaska (of course), Mongolia, Russia, Finland, the southern regions of Argentina, and the list goes on. Last I heard, he was headed to some place east of Africa, in the Indian Ocean.

My point--I think it's great that my brother is living out his dream.

So then I have to ask myself, am I living out my dream? Well, in many respects, I am. I have the family I've always wanted--I wouldn't trade that for anything! And my 6th published book is coming out in March--that's really cool! But I don't feel like I'm quite there yet! I feel like right now, I'm merely knocking on the door of my dreams. And I AM knocking! I have to believe that eventually those editors and agents will answer. ..with a smile, and a, "Come on in--what took you so long?"

You can read more about my brother, Scott Keller, and other's just like him in the book, The Fishing Club: Brothers and Sisters of the Angle. There's a whole chapter all about him.

Be safe on your next adventure, Bro! I love you!


Julie Wright said...

i feel all sorts of sorry for your brother being raised with so much estrogen! Glad to see he kept his wits about him enough to survive it and live his dreams!

Robyn Heirtzler said...

A fabulous thing to live your dream! We're here to have joy, are we not?