Tuesday, February 19, 2008

From the Archives

By Tamra Norton
Note: It's been a crazy-busy week, so I decided to fish out this little essay on motherhood that I wrote many years back. It was this little piece, incidentally, that landed me with my first paying gig--a bi-monthly (is that twice a month?) family-life column in the local freebie newspaper. This experience of writing on a regular basis gave me the courage to attempt a novel.

If Life Were a Sandwich, Mom Would Be the Peanut Butter

We like Dad. Let’s face it, he’s a handy sort of guy to have around. There’s no one better to open tightly sealed pickle jars, play Tickle-Monster with, or have as your partner in a heated game of Monopoly. The quality of life is greatly enhanced when this car-loving, remote-hogging, lawn-mowing guy is a part of our lives. We love him from the top of his bald spot, to the soles of his athlete’s feet.

But as much as we love Dad, there is a certain philosophical truth that we just can’t deny. If life were a sandwich, Mom would be the peanut butter. She’s that binding force that holds us all together.

There are days when Mom is smooth and creamy, and other occasions when her wrath is best described as crunchy. At times she is called old-fashioned, but no matter how often the kids, a bill collector, or even her mother-in-law tries to stir her up, as sure as oil, she rises to the occasion.

A mother’s advice often sticks to the roof of her child’s mouth, yet he just can’t seem to resist coming back for another bite. To help it go down a little smoother, Mom will always add a little squeeze of honey, or the sweetness of jelly. This makes it all so much easier to swallow. Now, the child’s life is complete.

Nutritionally speaking, peanut butter, like Mom, is loaded with strength producing protein. This important fact, however, can often be overshadowed by the realization of its fat content. But, as we all know, the things with the best taste in life have at least a little fat.

The best advice that can be given, when it comes to peanut butter, as well as Mother, has held true for generations throughout time. If, on occasion, you can get her all by herself, and smother her with chocolate, the results will be heavenly!

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Marcia Mickelson said...

It's so true. We totally do hold everything together. Where would the world be without mothers?