Tuesday, February 26, 2008


By Tamra Norton

Oprah has Gail, Lucy has Ethel, Mary has Rhoda, Anne Shirley has Diana Barry, and I have Chambrey. Every girl (even a forty-something girl) needs a best friend--a willing partner to watch chick-flicks with over a tub of buttered popcorn and a large diet Coke, someone to debate "Edward versus Jake" with, someone to go to John Meyer and Cheryl Crow concerts with, someone to swoon over Colin Firth with, someone to get excited about ANYTHING Jane Austen with.

For me, this is Chambrey.

Funny thing is, the year I graduated from high school, Chambrey was just finishing 4th grade--how weird is that? And yet you'd never know--well, until a Depeshmode song comes on while we're eating fish'n chips at TGIF and she goes all head-boppin' on me. Apparently this group was popular while I was in Babymode (a condition that occurs when you have three babies in three years and your only recolection is of baby bums and breastfeeding). Incidentally, I have a similar head-boppin' reaction when a Steve Miller Band song comes on. I think Chambrey's MOM was in Babymode during the SMB era.

Thank goodness for John Meyer!

So what does any of this have to do with writing? recently released novel, MAKE ME A HOME not only deals with deployment, but it's also a story about friendship--best friendship--between my main character, Allie, and the new girl who moves to town--Ivy. So when it came time to write the dedication for this novel, there was only one person I could dedicate it to: Chambrey--my Ivy.
Love you, girlie!

P.S. Sorry the BFF pictures are so dark. They were both taken while waiting for a "chick flick" to start. Don't you love cell phone cameras!


Julie Wright said...

gal pals make the whole world go around!

Michelle said...

LOL When I was ten my BFF was just an infant. I don't think age has anything to do with kindred spirits. It is our hearts that connect and our fates are sealed. :) If not for her my life would be miserable.

Heres to BFF all over the world!


Janette Rallison said...

Hey, I had to go pick Tristi up at the airport today and there was a wreck on the highway so I had to get off and I was wandering around Tempe trying to find a side street that would take me to the airport--thus making me late, and I thought of you. It must just be a writer picking up writer at the airport sort of curse--something will go wrong!