Tuesday, February 5, 2008

When I Grow Up I Want To Be A ...

This has been the question of the year for the Nortons--at least my oldest three. They're all well into college, but it wasn't until this year that any serious majors were proclaimed. To protect their identity, I'll simply refer these 3 darling children of mine by the nick-names bestowed upon them at birth by Uncle Rob.

Tinkerbelle has decided to study Psychology, although, if she could figure out how to make money in the fashion industry, this would be her true calling. Isn't she cute!

Cracker Jack is majoring in Geology, and minoring in Geography. OY--just the thought hurts my brain! These analitical and scientific atributes definitely come from her father, the engineer. She will never have trouble finding a job here in Houston, the heart of the oil industry. (Catfish - left, Crackerjack - right)

And Catfish, our oldest--well, he just wants to write! Now this, I can relate too. This is a kid who wrote a 350+ page fantasy/adventure novel at the age of 16. Catfish initially attempted the Journalism major, but changed to English after one semester of mass communication classes claiming that they were sucking all the creativity out of his writing. Right now, he's especially loving a creative writing class focusing on screenwriting. At the end of the semester he's supposed to walk away with a completed script.

Some would say that as a parent it is our duty to help guide our children into careers that offer stable working environments. I say, what the heck is that? As an Engineer, my sweetheart has been through 3 lay-offs.

As the parents of seven, we definitely encourage our children to attend college, but as for a career, in the end, we always tell them to follow their heart. For Catfish, this means writing novels and screenplays. And that's okay, because he's incredibly talented--especially with dialogue (and I'm not just taying that because I'm his mom).

As for me--I'm doing exactly what I want to be doing. I'm a mommy, and I'm a writer. God has given me seven incredible treasures in my beautiful children. How could anyone be more blessed?

As for the writing, I got a really great letter from a reader this morning about my latest book--priceless!


Robyn Heirtzler said...

Great post! I enjoyed hearing about your children. I love it as they begin to make those career choices. I have one who's made up her mind and the others are still too young to really care much.

Janette Rallison said...

Darling kids! I already worry what my second oldest is going to do for a living. He wants to be a knight but I don't know of any places that are hiring.

Cute haircut!