Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Heaven Scent

by Marsha Ward

Thanks a lot, Rebecca! You made me cry. Not to mention stay up too late!

Last night I read Rebecca Talley's novel, Heaven Scent, from cover to cover. What a gripping, compelling read!

It's a story of a young woman taking upon herself the task of putting back together her unraveling family--just as so many teenagers do, thinking somehow it's their job to do that. I was right there in Liza Compton's head, trying to figure out how to get my dad to pay attention to me like he used to do.

Then when something happened in the plot, I inwardly groaned, Oh no! It's a "Deus ex machina!" But I kept going, and soon I mumbled, "Yeah, but it worked, and it worked well."

This tale of overcoming unspeakable tragedy and getting on the road to emotional and physical recovery and reconciliation is a must read, for young people and adults, as well.

Thanks, Rebecca!


Noble M Standing said...

Just like you I loved the book, but I did think the same thing about the Crux of the story. It is the Deux Ex Machina in the new book "The Host" by stephenie meyer that made me dislike that book, it unlike Rebeccas wasnt done well in my opinnion.

Marsha Ward said...

Thanks for visiting, Michelle. It's always nice to get other authors'/readers' takes on a book.