Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Writing Frenzy

By Tamra Norton

I'd love to blog today, but I'm busy writing! Yup, I'm right in the middle of a full blown writing frenzy! And I'm sooooooo close to the end of my manuscript I can taste it. Feel it. Smell it! I'm so close I can hardly think of anything and I can hardly even sleep.

Is this normal? Healthy? Good for the environment?

Oh well... It's summertime and I'm riding with it (since I can't afford to drive anywhere else). :)

I've missed my blogging Tuesdays and connecting with y'all, but I promise, a few missed weeks will be worth it when this project is done. And I also promise I'll be back to blogging soon.

Wish me luck! My self imposed deadline is THIS Saturday! :)


Annette Lyon said...


Sounds like a blast.

Josi said...

That's awesome--I love it when the writing fairy grabs you that tight. Best of luck!

Amanda said...

You know, I'm right at the end of my novel, too, and for some reason, that's always my slump part. I stop writing, I don't like typing the last part up. I think I feel like I've already gone through the end in my head so many times that I'm bored, but the end is where it drags for me. Consequently, I've written very little for the last 5-6 days. Ah well.

Janette Rallison said...

Well, it's Saturday so I know you're busy writing instead of reading blog comments--but good luck! I wish I were where you are instead of at the beginning . . . but I guess that means I've got to get off the Internet and start writing, doesn't it.

See, you're so good for me.