Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Conversation I had with my best girlfriend an hour ago...

(Driving in car, my cell phone rings)

"Hey!" (I knew who it was--caller ID)

"Today's the day!" (We scream in unison--the wussy girl type of flailing-hands scream you only do in the company of other girls.)

"I know. I'm on my way to pick it up right now!"

"Ooooooh!" (extreme longing in her voice) "They messed up my schedule at work and I can't get to the store until 5:00 tonight."

(Gasp) "What if they run out of copies? You know, Stephenie Meyer was on Good Morning America this morning."

"Crap--I missed it!"

"She did great. And now that I've seen her in the moving/talking flesh, I like her even more. She's not pencil-thin, you know."

"They say TV adds 10 pounds."

"Then she probably is pencil thin...and she's gorgeous...and a millionaire, to boot." (We both sigh.)

"Do you want me to pick up your copy while I'm there?"

"You'd do that for me?" (extreme gratitude emitting from her voice)

"Of course. What are best friends for?"

"So why do you think a couple of middle-aged women like us love these books so much?"

"The characters! I love Bella. She's every girl. And Edward..." (We share a moment of silence)

"He's only 17 you know--that's younger than 3 of your children."

"Nuh-uh! He's like 100 or something!" (I shudder at both thoughts) "Anyway, I'll talk to you when you pick up your book. I may even have it finished by then."

"Shut up!"

"I love you too!"

(End of conversation.)

So now I have TWO copies of Eclipse in my hot little hands. For those die-hard Bella and Edward fans, it has 629 pages (27 chapters), and I paid $17.09 at Target (after I couldn't find it at Wal Mart--actual retail price $18.99).

I just stuck a chicken in the crock pot and put on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for the kids (released today as well--not a mere coincidence, but a gift from above).

Goodbye world--I'll resurface in 629 pages.


Tristi Pinkston said...

I may have to wander on over in a bookstore-like direction . . .

Julie Wright said...

I ordered mine through amazon but it isn't here yet!!!!! ARGH and Edward . . . Sigh . . . Do not say a word anywhere until I've read it!

Michele Holmes said...

I'm so jealous of your TWO copies. Went to three different stores today and they were all out. The other stores they called for me were out too. (Sad sigh) I finally settled for ordering a copy from the next shipment expected later this week. My fourteen-year-old daughter is extremely upset over the delay. Little does she know that she'll be even more upset when it comes in and I read it first :D

Another moment of silence for Edward . . .

Heather B. Moore said...

I just finished New Moon the other day... so I'm ready. I haven't hit the stores yet. There better be one left. But I'm sure I could always borrow a copy from a couple of friends, who will have it read by tomorrow.

Josi said...

I bought Twilight at Costco last week, and my thirteen yr old hijacked it from me. We're on vacation with my family, so I was very patient with my daughter for not wanting to do anything but read for the first two days--only to have my sister get it before me. She put it down and my MOM started reading it to, so they are taking turns. How did I get fourth on the list for my own book! The only good news is that I'm behind enough not to get heartburn over not being able to find eclipse--I've heard it's sold out all over Utah.