Sunday, August 12, 2007

Youth Contest

Anne Bradshaw is sponsoring a contest on her blog that I thought everyone should know about. It's a great opportunity to honor young people who are making honorable choices. Here are the rules:


1) Entries should be typed and emailed to Anne Bradshaw with “Youth Contest” in the subject line. Maximum number of words is 800. In this contest, content is more important than writing style or skill.

2) Anyone (LDS or not LDS) can submit an entry. Please describe, in your own words, a young person you know who is doing fine things with his/her life, maybe against all odds—or is someone who love to serve others—or who has an unusual talent, or a talent that's well developed—or who is a peacemaker—or anything you consider good, whether it be small or large.

3) Entries can be about young people between ages 12 and 25. They can be family, friend, or someone in the neighborhood.

4) The deadline for entries is midday
Friday, August 31st.
Feel free to send them in any time before this date.

5) Posting of top entries (on Anne's blog) will take place within days of August 31st.

6) Blog readers then place a comment on their favorite entry.

7) Closing date for comments is midday (US MST) on Thursday, September 13th.

8) The winning entry will be the one with the highest number of comments. There will be a 1st and 2nd winning entry.

9) If you want to include a picture, that's great--but please get permission to post from the young person and his/her parent or guardian before sending. Anyone who doesn't want their full name appearing on the blog will have their wish respected. Only first names shown unless otherwise instructed.


The WINNER (young man or young woman) is the featured finalist receiving the most comments from readers. He or she receives an autographed copy of Please, No Zits! & Other Short Stories for LDS Youth. He or she also receives 50 soft cover books, the content of which being whatever the winner wishes; the winning story, a simple memoir of the winner’s experience, or some other book-type idea. In addition, the winner gets from Zdocs (at no cost), the opportunity to sell some of these 50 books on Razorpages for free.

The SENDER of the winning entry receives two gift wrapped items--Liquid Facial Wash, and Facial Moisturizer--from the all natural line of beauty products, Scentiments. He or she also receives a copy of Annette Lyon's latest novel, Spires of Stone.

The featured finalist SECOND WINNER with the next highest number of comments, receives a copy of Chick Lit author Stephanie Fower's latest romantic comedy out in September, Meet Your Match, together with a copy of Marcia Argueta Mickelson's novel, Star Shining Brightly.

The SENDER of this second entry receives a copy of Heather B. Moore's first book in the Out of Jerusalem series--Of Goodly Parents.

Please click on author links above for book cover pictures and more information.

Feel free to share this contest far and wide. Entries accepted from anywhere in the world. Everything will get read, and Anne's favorites will be posted. Some editing may be necessary.

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