Monday, January 28, 2008

7 Things About Me

Before I get started, I've just got to add a few thoughts ... As I heard about the death of our beloved prophet, I was heartbroken and comforted at the same time. What a glorious reunion it must have been, and how blessed we've been to have known and received instructions from him. I will always carry fond memories of President Hinckley in my heart.

Okay, looks like it's my turn. Seven things about me? Here goes:

1. I love a good adrenaline rush. I love to go rappelling as fast as I can down big cliffs. I love to go rock climbing and even enjoy Jeep'n (the kind where you get a wheel off the ground because the rock obstacle is so steep you feel like you're flipping over and you have to hit the gas before you roll). I enjoy water skiing and motorcycles ....

2. I've always wanted to drive a race car. One day I will go to race car driving school and go fast!

3. I hate roller coasters and most amusement park rides. There's something in my equilibrium that says go on a roller coaster and expect a migraine for the next four weeks. I've tried over and over again to convince my equilibrium that it can be different, but so far we haven't come to an agreement.

4. I'm allergic to milk proteins. It's not the sugars that bother me, but the proteins. If I drink milk, I don't breathe, but I do sneak a little ice cream now and then.

5. I don't have any pets. We used to have horses and had a dog once, but we have no pets now and I see none in the future. I'm quite content with this arrangement.

6. I love to travel! Oh, not anywhere cold, though. Give me a beach or a tropical climate and I'm happy as can be. I love to swim, snorkel, go boating, lounge in the sand, walk the beach, and drink fresh, chilled coconuts from the shell.

7. I'm writing a New York Times best-selling novel. Yes, it's true. I'm working on a novel to rival the DaVinci Code. Oh, and my children say I'm the most positive-thinking person they know. So with that in mind, New York Times, here I come!


Tristi Pinkston said...

I think it's interesting that you rapell and want to drive a race car and yet can't do a rollercoaster -- amazing how our bodies work, that one thing will be okay and another, not. Go figure!

I can't/shouldn't do milk either, but what's life without sneaking a little ice cream? Have you tried Ben and Jerry's Creme Brulee? My total favorite.

Robyn Heirtzler said...

Never tried the Creme Brulee, but I think I'm going to have to give it a try.