Friday, January 4, 2008

My New Year's Un-Resolutions

by Elodia Strain

December 1, 2008: The fireworks were fired, the ball was dropped, and I was all ready to jot a list of resolutions that would help me make 2008 the year I become the perfect wife/daughter/friend/cook/planner
/organizer/author. But as I sat with my pen and paper I thought it would be much more fun to make a list of things I WILL NOT do in 2008. So here are a few of my un-resolutions.

1. I will not apologize for crying at that McDonald's commercial where the inner-city girl gets a job as a cashier and then works her way up to big-wig executive.

2. I will not pretend I actually like collard greens. The charade is over, my friends.

3. I will not say yes when I really should say no.

4. I will not look at fashion magazine covers and believe the women featured on them actually look like that in real life.

5. I will not feel weird singing in my car at a stoplight.

6. I will not scream “I blame the government!” every time I get my cell phone bill. Not that I’ve ever done that. But this is definitely not the year to start.

Happy New Year everyone! Hope it's a great one.

p.s. You can make it even better by entering our contest. A free book just for guessing which one of us received which weird gift…hmm…I’d enter if I was allowed!


Crystal Liechty said...

lol! I love your non-resolutions. So true, so true.

Katie Parker said...

Great ideas! I always try to make the perfect lists and goals that will ensure that I will be the perfect wife/mom/writer/everything else for the coming year. Something weird about perfection is that it doesn't work like that. I like your ideas better. :-)

Robyn Heirtzler said...

Great resolutions! A good friend recently gave a talk very similar, in which she told us of everything she would not do, and that in turn would lead to the best things she could be doing instead. Love it!