Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Writers Conference Year

by Marsha Ward

I'm starting out the year with slightly scratched corneas, but I expect the situation to get better, eventually. I just need to rest my eyes, which means, of course, not working on the computer. I'll go take a nap when I'm finished here.

American Night Writers Association (aka ANWA) is holding a writers conference on March 1. I'm the web mistress, and I overdid it yesterday working on the event's webpage. Because our web host changed their platform recently (I know this makes no sense to a lot of you, but bear with me!), there were a lot of little differences to contend with, and installing the page and making sure it worked right took far longer than it should have. Now I'm paying the consequences of drying out my eyes with too many computer hours. Boo hoo, right?

At any rate, this is a wonderful conference with terrific speakers, charging barely enough to cover costs so that the average person can attend. If you're an author, you can take part in the book signing at a minimal cost, too. Please consider attending. I'd be so grateful, and will feel that the sacrifice of my vision meant something. Really! I mean it! Come see us in lovely Gilbert, Arizona, on March 1.

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