Monday, December 31, 2007

The Importance of Digits

Have you ever realized how much you depend on every single finger, thumb and toe? I recently had the opportunity to gain a deeper appreciation for my digits when I decided to block a spike during a volleyball game. Okay, the hitter was taller and stronger than me, and a man. I broke my thumb instantly, for the second time. Yes, the other time was during a volleyball game too.

I love volleyball!

I can't wait to play again, but in the meantime, I'm becoming ambidextrous. Yeah, I'm right handed and broke my right thumb. Even moving my fingers too much hurts, not to mention running! Not sure how I will survive the next few weeks until I can get a good five mile run in. Oh, and that goal I had to finish my novel by the end of January? I think I just added a few weeks.

Now I better appreciate the use of my husband's fingers as well, for buttons, shoelaces, zippers, cooking, cleaning, etc! And my children ... what lifesavers! I must have really shattered this bone. Perhaps I should go to a doctor this time. Naw. It'll heal one way or the other. It did last time.

Now I'm working on my printing. I can keep my words between the lines as well as my five year old, but my letters are far shakier than my eight year old's writing. Such fun.

Today we try a physical activity much safer than volleyball while I wait to heal. We're going to hike Zion's Canyon.

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