Sunday, December 9, 2007

It's (Not) Beginning to feel a lot like Christmas

By Marcia Mickelson

Christmas is only a few weeks ago, but it doesn't feel like it in San Antonio. The day we put our Christmas tree up, we were blasting the air conditioner. It was hot! This weekend, we've been playing outside with shorts and flip flops. How can it feel like Christmas when it's hot? We should be wearing sweaters and winter coats. I'm from New Jersey and my husband is from Idaho, so we're used to colder winters.

I hope it gets a little cooler so it will feel more like Christmas time. In the meantime, I'll keep wearing my shorts and flip flops when I play outside with my kids. And I'll still be blasting the air conditioner, especially when I start making Christmas cookies and the oven warms up the whole house.

Here's a little reminder:

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Tamra Norton said...

I'm feeling your pain here in Houston! :)

Robyn Heirtzler said...

I love the warm weather at Christmas. In fact, we want to take the kids to Samoa in two years for an island Christmas to escape the snow and icy cold!

Marsha Ward said...

I'm shivering due to the weekend snow. You have it good, girl!