Sunday, December 2, 2007

My Book is Out!

By Marcia Mickelson

I'm happy to announce that my book, Reasonable Doubt, is officially for sale. It is currently available at my publisher's website- Cedar Fort. I hope it will be in stores soon, but that takes a little longer.

I still don't have a copy in my possession, so I haven't seen it yet. I think I'll get it this week.

My husband is such a dilligent salesman. He's already received 14 orders from his co-workers. None of them are members of the Church, but most of them read my first books, and I guess enjoyed it enough to want the second one. He's my biggest cheerleader. He talks about my book to whoever listens. He's wonderful.

Come by my blog for a contest where you can win a copy of Reasonable Doubt.


Elodia Strain said...

Congrats! It looks so awesome, Marcia. Can't wait 'til it hits the stores. Just in time for the holidays, too!

Tamra Norton said...

YAY--how excitin! Can't wait to read it! :)

Marsha Ward said...

Very cool, Marcia! I can't wait until I get a copy.

Robyn Heirtzler said...

Congrats! Looks like one I'd love to read. I'll have to pick up a copy as soon as it gets to the local bookstore.

Julie Wright said...

YAY!!!!!!!! Congratulations!