Monday, April 21, 2008

More Time Off

Good for you Marcia! I think we all need to take time off to recoup occasionally. I've been off for a couple of weeks now, between novels. My family wanted to see me again and the spring cleaning? Well, it was time. We've planted a lawn, taken out two flower beds, gutted several rooms in the house and hit the case-lot sales. I've also been trying to finish up our family yearbook for 2007, my solution to scrapbooking.

Okay, so I have actually started some plotting, done a little research online for my next novel, but it's been a good rest. I'll even give it a few more days before I really crack down and begin developing characters for my next novel. I actually find it difficult not to write, especially between books. It's almost an empty feeling that accompanies not creating.

So, as I clean out under the stairs and switch out sprinklers, my mind is still going, creating conflict and experimenting with setting. I think I've got a good start to get some plotting on paper.


Amanda said...

I know that empty feeling pretty well. Even when I've got writer's block, or when I'm in between reading books, I feel so restless! It doesn't matter what else I'm doing in the meantime.

Tamra Norton said...

It's amazing where the best plotlines formulate. I've had some great ideas come to me while soaking in the tub.