Thursday, March 19, 2009

Cover judging

I know I've done it. I've judged books by their covers. And a good cover will practically have the book leaping into my hands. I think covers are so crucial to a book's sales.

Of all my books so far, there's only one that I thought was kind of lack-luster. As for a favorite- it's a tie between my second book, No Time for Love, and my most recent, Isabelle Webb. Mystery/romance is what speaks to me with both of these images.

Have you ever read or not read a book based solely on the cover?

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Andrea said...

I actually picked up Elodia Strain's first book Icing on the Cake because of its cover, and LOVED it. I have a sister that isn't as "obsessed" with reading as I am and I told her about the book, she looked at it and said, cute cover, okay I'll try it. She finished the entire book in a day! First time ever that she has accomplished that feat, and I just finished Previously Engaged and I loved it just as much! Can't wait for another one.

I must say that I have read a book from each author on this site, and each of you is one of my favorite authors to read, so thank you!