Thursday, October 18, 2007

Crazy Jobs I Could Write About

by Elodia Strain

A reality show star. A greeting card writer. A singer. An attorney. A therapist.

No, I’ve never been any of these things, but I’ve been able to learn about them as I’ve read books whose main characters have. And all this reading got me to thinking…What crazy jobs have I had that I could write about?

Well, for your reading pleasure, here are just a few.

Party Power Ranger- I felt pretty cool as I walked into Brandon B.’s birthday party all garbed up in my red Power Ranger gear and was greeted by smiles and applause. But my fame wore off the second I said, “Hello kids!” The birthday boy glared at me and grumbled, “You’re not the red Power Ranger. You’re a girl!” And not even the deformed-looking balloon animals I made could get the kids to stop questioning me.

Movie Theater Janitor- Why is it that you can put a bunch of normally tidy people in a dark room and all of a sudden it’s a free for all?

Hotel Front Desk Clerk- The night shift. No I never fell asleep on the job. I was just resting my eyes the night the trucker came in and stole half a case of hotel soap.

Restaurant Hostess- It may not sound like a crazy job. But let me tell you, Friday night dinner hour: Crazy. Note to impatient diners: It’s not the hostess’s fault the wait is long. There is no need to yell. No need to swear. And your “Well then we’ll just go to Chili’s!” is probably not the awful threat you hope it to be.

Elementary School Spanish Speaking Office Assistant- I heard every excuse in the book for being late to school. In two languages. “My mom didn’t wash my lucky pants and I have a test today,” was definitely one of my favorites.

So…tell me. What crazy job could you write about? This should be fun!


elasticwaistbandlady said...

I worked in the drug department at Kroger's as a teenager. I was officially in charge of making cute end cap displays and seasonally themed bulletin boards. Have you ever tried to double stick tape 4 bags of Easter grass and jelly beans to a wall before? No? I have. Too bad, because it's on my resume and everything. That means if we're up for the same job I'll win it just based on that.

Tamra Norton said...

I was a Lactation Specialist/Breastfeeding Counselor for the WIC program. That should make for some interesting reading. I also developed a mean forearm in my teen years scooping ice cream at Baskin Robins.

Janette Rallison said...

Hey I worked as a hostess, a hotel night clerk and in a movie theater too. (and also as a waitress, and a 7'11 clerk). My stranges job was when I worked for Showbiz pizza and worry the Billy Bob suit.