Monday, October 1, 2007

Windy Monday

It's Monday and the wind is blowing again. I really don't think it ever stops in the spring or fall, but as soon as the hot summer sun comes out, it stops until the temperature drops again, bringing the piercing cold right to the bones to declare a change of seasons. I don't hate living in Enoch, but do long for warmer temperatures in the spring, fall and winter.

Perhaps I'll buy a vacation home on an island somewhere after my next novel hits the bestseller list. I'd love to live on the beach. For now though I'm looking at photos of beaches while I plan my winter trip to Samoa. 85 degrees, sandy beaches, snorkeling, volleyball ... Oh, I want to go get my swim suit on right now, but perhaps I'll wait a little longer, maybe a few more miles on the treadmill and a few trips to the tanning salon.

As for now, the cooler temperatures are keeping me indoors where I need to sit to get my novel finished. Perhaps I'll get a couple of manuscripts done before the weather warms back up. I've got to do something when I'm not on the lake.

Yes, I'm rambling. My brain's reloading after working on a synopsis all morning. And while I'm rambling, I'm posting a random photo. This was taken overlooking Cedar City on a little research trip we made recently. I didn't find information that would be particularly useful to my new book, but it was a great hike!

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Marcia Mickelson said...

Good luck with your synopsis. Those are so hard for me to write. I hate it.