Monday, October 15, 2007

What's your story?

I often wonder about the stories behind different locations. Take the one at the right ... As you can see, it is indeed a streetlight in the middle of the desert. In the middle of the photo, way in the back is a group of trees, amid those trees is an incredibly old home, not much of a fixer-upper even.

There are old buckets scattered all over the ground, split in two with holes in the bottom in the shape of an X. There are electrical outlets poking up from the ground. How far is it from civilization? It took us nearly an hour, most of it on dirt roads to get to this spot. So, quite a way from any street, much less a paved one.

There are many inhabitants here, however, as my five year old explained as she looked at a pile of rabbit droppings. Yes, it's infested with jackrabbits, probably other rodents and predatory animals, but no people.

The story? Oh, there are so many stories I could come up with for such a place. A haunting, perhaps, a drought that devastated the plans for the owner? Okay, after investigating the location for an entire three minutes, we all came to the conclusion that it was an RV park, why in the middle of the desert? That, we haven't answered. The buckets held trees, that are now planted and either dead or dying, with rabbit wire around them. There is absolutely no water anywhere around, so the drought is a definite possibility, but aren't there other stories that may be more interesting?

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