Friday, October 26, 2007

In Search of That Mythological Creature: Adults

Okay, I've been very naughty and missed my last few turns to post but here I am! And with many brilliant words to shower you with... hmmm, maybe I shouldn't set the bar so high right off, so let's just say I'm slightly more interesting than that one aunt who has a cliché for every situation and no concept of personal space.
So, as per my subject today, I want to talk about adults. I've always thought an adult was someone who is mature, honest and empathetic. If this is the true definition, then they are a dying breed. I'm constantly amazed at how people my age and older act; lying, cheating, trying to get something for nothing, constantly complaining about inane things like having to wait in line or, heaven forbid, needing to go the extra mile for someone else.
I think the problem is worse at my job more than anywhere else (probably because I have a choice about who I surround myself with otherwise). I have one coworker who willfully misunderstands and misquotes people to make herself look better. Though this trait really never bothered me before, now that we both are in line for the same promotion, it's gotten especially irritating because I feel like to correct her inaccurate version of the truth would be sinking to her level, or at the very least, engaging her.
But what do I do when she's misquoting ME? So far, I've just kept my mouth shut and let her build her own trap. Though it is working, it's hard not to get upset, not to get sucked into the drama, and worst of all, not to root for her to fail.
Yes, it makes me feel awful to admit it, but I'm rooting for her to fail. For her to get caught in her lies and be horribly embarrassed. What kind of person have I become? Am I turning into that disfigured version of an adult I mention above? And if so, when do I get my own reality TV show?
I guess the main thing I want to know is: does everyone else out there have to deal with these things too? Do we ever graduate high school? Is it true (as one coworker told me) that I will have to deal with drama like this no matter where I work? Or is there a far away land where people have intelligent discussions, appreciate their blessings and confront issues head-on instead of going behind people’s backs?

Just wonderin’



Crystal Liechty said...

Ooops! The title was supposed to be: "In Search of that Mythological Creature -- Adults."

Tamra Norton said...

Love the title, Crystal! And the post.

Adulthood--I'm still waiting to reach it. :) I think that's why I enjoy writing for children so much. I'm still a kid at heart.

I think what you're refering to here is a level of maturity--something your co-worker definitely seems to be lacking. Good luck on the promotion!

Heather B. Moore said...

Cute pictures.

I heard the screenwriter, David Sheffield, speak the other day. He said that college is just like high school, except with ashtrays. I think high school never really ends in some ways. For me it's way over . . . :)