Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Marketing Mode

Sorry I didn't post yesterday. I spent the entire day with one goal in mind--get the brochures in the mail by 5:00! You see, I'm in "marketing mode." My middle-grade novel, MAKE ME A HOME (sequel to MAKE ME A MEMORY seen here) comes out in February, four short months away, and as I've learned the not-so-easy way, these pre-publication months can be crucial.

"So what is this brochure about?" I hear you ask.

"Why, thanks for asking," I reply.

These are my "school visit" brochures. I sent out 90 yesterday. Since my children's novels--MAKE ME A MEMORY, and MAKE ME A HOME revolve around the life of a young girl named Allie, whose soldier father is deployed to Iraq, I focused this first round of brochures at "military impacted" schools--schools on or near military bases. I've spoken at several of these schools, and it's a humbling experience to meet these children who are living the life of my character, Allie. I feel such a connection to them and I'm so inspired by their strength. They are the reason I wrote these books.

I'm especially excited about this brochure because I just received the following endorsement:

"MAKE ME A HOME is a great story and truly captures the 'roller coaster' of emotions that a young person might experience during the deployment of a loved one." --Stacye Parry, The Military Child Education Coalition

I was SO EXCITED to receive this endorsement! The MCEC is a wonderful organization dedicated to military children and they are affiliated with every branch of the military. I hope this endorsement will help to open doors for my little story. And this brings me to the next thing on my marketing "to-do" list:

Reviews and endorsements!

I need to coordinate with my publisher to see that ARCs (advance review copies) are sent out to the major reviewers of children's literature--School Library Journal, Booklist, etc. I stand a much better chance of my book landing in a school library and then a child's hands if it is first reviewed in one of these journals.

Next, on to the local media...

"Does it ever end?" I hear you ask.

I hope not!


Katie Parker said...

Way to go, Tami! Hit the ground running!

Marcia Mickelson said...

Wow. I'm impressed you're already doing marketing. That's great.

Janette Rallison said...

Hey, I just sent out 90 flyers today too! We are twins!