Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Eating Humble Pie with Obert Skye

By Tamra Norton

Last week I posted about an
Obert Skye/Leven Thumps book signing I'd attended with my youngest kiddos and how I'd missed out on the "author bonding" experience I'd hoped to have with "Mr. Skye."

Before I continue with this tale, I need to interject that a few weeks before Mr. Skye even arrived in Houston, after seeing a link on his website saying, "click here if you'd like Obert Skye to visit your school," I clicked, sending a plea into cyberspace for Mr. Skye to visit with a group of homeschoolers (including my family) while in Houston. After visiting his incredible signing at the Galleria Barnes&Noble with it lines of exuberant and devoted fans, I was convinced that I'd never get a response from the famous author...and never have my "author bonding" moment.

So you can imaging my surprise Wednesday afternoon when I receive an e-mail from Shadow Mountain Publishing stating that Obert Skye would love to meet with our group of homeschoolers...on Friday! With no time to find an adequate meeting place, I volunteered my house, sent out e-mails to my homeschooling friends, and hoped that someone--anyone--would show up.

Silly me!

A half hour before the scheduled starting time, they start to arrive. I'd barely finished vacuuming the living room and haven't even put on make-up yet (the true indicator that something in my life more exciting that a trip to Wal Mart is on the horizon). Apparently word had spread about the author visit. I asked these virtual strangers (whom I'd never met) to please answer the door if anyone else happens to show up early, while I dashed to the bathroom for a little human face application.

When I walked back out 7 minutes later, a few more families had arrived...and they kept coming...and coming. All in all, I'd say there were well over one hundred people at my house last Friday afternoon. And nobody left disappointed.

Obert Skye arrived with a staff member from Shadow Mountain Publishers (his name was Patrick and he looked about the same age as my 22-year-old). And the show began. He was funny, and insightful, and thoroughly entertained my jam-packed house of homeschoolers for a good half-hour or so before an actual booksigning ensued...right in my living room. The line was similar to that in the B&N the previous week while Mr. Skye spent time with each child and family, posed for pictures, signed books, offered advice to aspiring authors, even performed minor surgery (just kiddin'...about the surgery part). He even gave out about a dozen Leven Thumps t-shirts and scads of posters, stickers, journals, and bookmarks.

And...just before Obert Skye left, we finally had our little "author bonding" moment. I gave him a bag of trail mix for the road along with a thank you card, and (how could I resist) a copy of my children's novel, Make Me a Memory--for his kids, of course (the sequel, Make Me a Home will be released in February). His face lit up as he accepted the gifts, and graciously asked if I would sign it.

I already had. :)


Marcia Mickelson said...

Wow! Thanks for that great blog and posting all the pictures. What a great experience! Over 100 people in your house. Wow! How amazing. That's great that he would come to a home school group. Way to go! Glad you got your author bonding moment.

Josi said...

that is too cool--and you're house is so clean! I'm sure I'd have had a slew of dirty socks on the floor. How fun!

Heather B. Moore said...

Great pictures! Now we know what Obert looks like!!

Stephanie Black said...

Totally cool! What a nice guy and what a fun experience!

Katie Parker said...

How way cool is that?? That must have been so exciting for all of you.

Marsha Ward said...

Nice, nice, Tami. Thanks for sharing this awesome experience.

elasticwaistbandlady said...

My daughters absolutely loved getting the opportunity to see and hear and meet Obert Skye.

I absolutely loved not having to stand in a 4 hour line at thye bookstore for the opportunity.