Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Contract Writing

I love to do contract writing. I've been getting more and more requests lately and it's been a ball. I've done a few keyword articles for people and recently had the opportunity to write a feature article on one of my best friends! You've got to check her site. She's a very talented artist!

Jennifer does what we'd all love to do. She hides out in her basement being creative all day while her husband takes care of the children. Okay, so she only paints a few hours a day, but her husband is able to stay home with her and handle the entire financial end of her business.

Her artwork is fabulous and she's recently got her website online. Check it out at She's got an online gallery and just started her own blog, mostly to show what she's working on next.

Anyway, I met with another friend and will be writing some company information for his website as soon as I get back from a writing conference this weekend. I'll post the link when we get the info online ... he's got a great product!

I also get to do a book/DVD review soon. Anyone heard of Rindin the Puffer? It's a brand new children's book/DVD/stuffed animal combo that's supposed to be wonderful for children! My sister raved about it, saying her two year old (who cannot sit still for more than 30 seconds) wanted to sit and watch it over and over. I've invited the entire neighborhood of children over to watch it with us and give me their feedback. I figured I really ought to consult the experts after all.

Well, onto pressing matters that I've postponed long enough today. I've got an author bio to finish and a CD to make with the finished portion of my upcoming novel on it for the writers conference. Anyone else going to the conference in St. George? Maybe we can meet up!

Also - so sorry to be a day late on this one. I went on a research trip for my novel only to realize as the water was cascading from the sky that the steep dirt road I didn't know I'd need wasn't passable in wet conditions. Perhaps another day.

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