Monday, September 17, 2007

A few Thank You's and Some Book News

I missed posting on my day, so I'm posting a day late. Sorry. I was sick this weekend. Very sore throat. Alternating fever and chills. Major body aches. I laid on the coach all day on Saturday. My husband does some volleyball officiating and was gone all morning on Saturday. My boys were so good, but I let them watch way too much TV. One of them happily announced to my husband when he came home, "We watched three movies today, Daddy" and it was only 2:00PM. Needless to say, they ate lunch very late when my husband came home and made it for them. (Thanks, Honey.)

I spent a better part of the afternoon trying to get a sub for Nursery the next day. Getting someone to sub in the Nursery is not an easy task. Many phone calls later, I finally got a brand new sister in our ward who I haven't even met yet to sub. (Thanks!)

On, Sunday I was feeling much better, able to read and eager to eat. My baby was so good while I lay on the couch as the others were at church. Baby had a runny nose as well so he stayed home with me. . Then, my mom ( I have a wonderful mom) brought me some homemade chicken soup (Thanks, Mom). She even offered to wash the dishes after asking what smelled so gross in my house. Really icky dishes combined with trash that needed to be taken out. I didn't let her though, I do have some pride. So, I made my husband wash them that night. (Thanks, Honey!)

Anyway, I didn't much feel like blogging on Sunday. So, here I am today, feeling much better, having caught up on chores-4 loads of laundry, more dishes, and getting groceries. Our bread really smelled moldy! Gross. And, my house smells much better. (Thanks for the Febreze, Mom.)

Some book news to make me feel even better. I received my proofs today. Yay! I'm excited to start reading them. 10 more pages of New Moon to go and I'm starting in on the proofs. I'm not even getting Eclipse until way after I've sent the proofs off. And, my publisher has decided to go with my original title after all- Reasonable Doubt. So, that's pretty exciting. I always felt it was the title that fit perfectly, so I'm glad about that. Well, off to finish New Moon.


Tamra Norton said...

Oh, Marcia, I'm so glad you're feeling better! And what a sweet hubby you have.

Congrats on the mew book coming out. What's your release date and what's the book about?

Take care!

Marcia Mickelson said...

Thanks Tami. My book should be out on November 15. It is about two lawyers who are defending a college basketball player who is accused of murder.