Sunday, September 9, 2007

Stat Counter

A while back, LDS Publisher blogged about Stat Counter and how it keeps track of visits to blogs and websites. It is a wonderful tool for anyone who is interested in knowing how many visits they get to their website. I recently installed it to our Ink Ladies Blog and have been able to keep track of our stats. By the way, thanks to my fellow Ink Ladies for interesting and fun blogs. This last week, we averaged about 14 visits a day. Not too bad, for being fairly new. About 4 of those each day are first time visitors.

The great thing about Stat Counter is that it tells you how many visitors each day, how many are first-time visitors, how many are returning visitors. Even greater than that, you can check to see from what city and state each visitor is from, how long they spent reading your blog, and how they found your blog/website. It shows if they were referred from another link or from a search engine. There is even a recent visitor map that shows you where your visitors are located. There is also a lot of other information that I haven't figured out yet.

Anyway, I wanted to spread the news about this great tool. If you want to use it for your blog, it's so easy to install. Just go to Stat Counter and start a new project. If you want to install it on your website, I have found it to be a little more complicated. Stat Counter will e-mail you the code to install on your website.

So, give Stat Counter a try and keep track of how many people are visiting your blog or website.


Josi said...

I love stat counter. It's a great tool to see where people are coming from. Great post.

Tamra Norton said...

I need to put one on my personal blog. Thanks, Marcia, for the info.