Monday, March 17, 2008

Bonding with You Tube

I could browse videos on You Tube for hours. Let me rephrase that ... I have browsed videos on You Tube for hours, tonight, in fact. But my daughters were all with me. Bonding time on You Tube. It's possible you know.

It started when we looked up the Queen songs my daughter's learning in orchestra. Yes, you read right. My daughter's playing We Will Rock You, We Are the Champions and Another One Bites the Dust in her next orchestra concert. She's also playing The Rose and Eleanor Rigby. We had to find them online so she knew what the originals sounded like.

That led to Numa Numa, the original version, my daughter informed me, you know the one with the guys in/on the airplane? Neither did I. Then on to the Ebay Song by Weird Al, White and Nerdy for my 15 year old and Purple People Eater for my two little ones (we all like the chipmunk version best).

Then, much to our surprise, we found The Little Blue Man, a song my mother used to sing to me all the time, and Sweet Violets, another my mom sang when I was little.

Our luck ended there. We couldn't find Please Help me I'm Crawling, one my dad's famous (infamous?) for singing or I Married Me a Dandy.

I would recommend checking out the Ebay Song though. You should get a laugh.

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Amanda said...

Yes, the ebay song is hillarious. Unfortunate side effect of having it stuck in your head for days or weeks at a time, but worth the experience. My three boys love it.