Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Frozen North

OK, some folks (mostly not you guys) have been asking how much snow we have on the ground here in Wisconsin. Yes, we are well into March. And this is what it looks like.

This is the fire hydrant in front of our house. You can see why that stick thing at the top is needed, because it can easily become lost.

And this is the dugout snow fort that lives in our front yard. It's adjacent to the driveway; a lot of this snow was piled here as we shoveled off the driveway...and shoveled it off again...and shoveled it off again... (or used the snowblower)

And here we have someone reclining in an area cut out of the snow with a snowblower.

And last, but not least, this is a picture of me in Hawaii a few months ago. I was trying to clean off the camera and I accidentally took a picture of myself. Hey, it's me in Hawaii. Honest.


Julie Wright said...

I love the pic of you in hawaii :) And love the snow fort too. I can't believe you have that much snow and I'm glad I don't live there. I really liked the state when I visited, but . . . wow. Too much white for me!

Katie Parker said...

Amazingly enough, you get used to it. It's been melting off the last few days, but there's so much snow on the ground the snow forts are still there (albeit a little less sturdy). We'll be sad to see them go. Also, once the snow is gone that means I have to deal with the yard work again...:-/