Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Letter From The White House

By Tamra Norton

Yup--you read that subject line right! I got a letter in the mail yesterday from LAURA BUSH! :D Since she used to be a children's librarian and since my book deals with deployment, I decided to send her a copy of my latest children's novel, MAKE ME A HOME (signed, of course with just the right amount of sucking up.) :)

So what did I find in my mailbox today but a huge envelope with the words THE WHITE HOUSE in the upper left hand corner. The first thing I found inside was an autographed picture from our first lady, and I thought, what?! But then I noticed a smaller piece of stationary (with the embossed presidential seal at the top) and a personal letter from Mrs. Bush! Come on, come on--I know you want me to tell you what it said. Okay, you talked me into it...

Dear Ms. Norton

Thank you for your letter and the inscribed copy of your book, Make Me a Home. You are kind to think of me, and I appreciate your generosity.

President Bush and I are grateful for your words of support. He joins me in sending best wishes.

Your BFF,
Laura Bush (only it's not typed! It's her John Hancock--right there at the bottom of my letter!!! Okay, and I added the BFF part, BUT I'm sure that after she actually READS my book, she's going to like me so much that she'll invite me to The White House to eat some BBQ with her and "W"! I can't wait!!! :)


Marcia Mickelson said...

Wow, that is really awesome--one of those things you think nothing will come of it, but it did. How exciting.

Elodia Strain said...

Awesome, awesome, awesome!

When I first saw the subject line I thought, "Great, there's an email out there called 'A Letter From The White House' that will destroy my computer if I open it and Tamra's posting to warn us about it!" This is so much better! Yay!

Rebecca Talley said...

You're still making me laugh--love the BFF part! Will you remember all of us when you go visit with "w" and Mrs. Bush?