Tuesday, August 19, 2008

4-Wheelers and Bryce Canyon, Almost ...

I live 100 miles from Bryce canyon, if you take the back roads ... and by back roads I mean the ones that are better suited to 4-wheelers than cars. I found this out last weekend when we threw sleeping bags on the racks and headed out with a bunch of friends.

Eleven ATVs later, one rear-ending, one head-on and a roll-over, we made it. Well, we didn't actually make it to the canyon, but we did find the campground with the hot tub and swimming pool where we'd sleep under the stars, the one bursting with tourists who spoke every language but English.

Water is a beautiful thing after eating dust for 100 miles and bouncing over the seat from too many jumps (can there be too many?). Relaxation ... Dinner ... Campfire ... and rain at 4 a.m. ...

We headed out after breakfast, looping around the same trails over and over as we searched for the one that would take us home (don't look at me, I wasn't the navigator). Several scenic overlooks and a complete avoidance of Bryce Canyon, and we found it, The Great Western Trail.

The way back was beautiful, especially the race between us and Ryan ... we had him, for a minute (have I ever mentioned my desire to drive race cars?), then he passed us like we were sitting still. I should mention that he drove an 800 and we were double on a 350.

Soon we were pulling into the driveway with raccoon-eyes from our sunglasses. We learned another interesting fact ... It's a lot farther ride from Bryce to home, 125 miles to be exact (or was it the extra trails that made it longer?).

All in all it was a fun ride with great times and fabulous friends, dust and all!

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