Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My (Un)Eventful Life

by Marsha Ward

Sometimes I think I lead a rather boring life. While friends of mine travel to exotic locales to do research for their next novel, I sit home in the midst of a forest of pines and oaks, dinking around on my computer and paying for home repairs.

Then I reflect, and find that my life isn't so boring after all. My forest is very lovely, and I am the envy of many people because I can live here the year around.

I've been to several writers' gatherings this year:

  • ANWA's Writers Conference in March
  • LDStorymakers' Writers Conference in March
  • Western Writers of America's Convention in June
  • ANWA's Arizona Retreat in July
I attended my grandson's baptism and a family party last month.

Sadly, I've traveled to several funerals this year.

I get to meet wonderful writers to interview on my blog, Writer in the Pines.

I can write novels that touch readers' hearts.

I have friends in many places, including close to home and far away.

I have a family that loves me.

I get to give service to many of them, and to several worthy organizations.

I have books to read, music to listen to, and movies to watch.

Okay, not a boring life after all.


Rebecca Talley said...

Your life sounds lovely.

Janette Rallison said...

I wish I had pine trees--and your good attitude about your blessings too. I needed to read your blog today. Thanks!

Marsha Ward said...

Thank you, ladies.