Monday, July 30, 2007

Ancient Texts

Okay, so I'm working on this book (it's going to be fabulous if I say so myself) and I've got to research all these ancient writings, pictographs, etc. and learn how to read them. So much fun! Now, to get the story moving along believably, I'm creating my own bark-paper or copy-paper codex with ancient text and pictographs! So I feel like a kid again, drawing stick figures on paper and taping them together with my authentic masking tape.

Yeah, I'm totally consumed by this one. I'm living in ancient times for the moment, even though only the prologue is set back so many years. Of course, without a good knowledge of the history behind my subject, the whole project would fall apart.

So now I'm playing with real places and what they would have been like more than 500 years ago. The dilemma? Too many of my research places are totally off limits to the public. Oh, well. I will overcome this obstacle as it becomes necessary.

Anybody else ever have the pleasure of creating your own ancient texts?

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