Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Things I'm looking forward to

For the past few months, several of my children have been re-reading (for the 3rd, 4th, and 5th times) the various Harry Potter Novels. They are doing this, of course, to ready themselves for the highly anticipated releaase of the Harry Potter 7 novel (which I'm sure has a name, but give me a break--it's hard enough to remember the names of my seven children, let alone the HP books). I know--shame on me!

July 21st has been circled on our calendar for months, and I can tell you now, at midnight, July 20th, I will be standing in some line (probably Wal Mart) with at least 2 of the biggest Harry fans, waiting for our beloved copies of this final HP volume. Here's a picture from two years ago. Good times! (Disclaimer: These 2 darlings are normally the best looking teenagers this side of the Alamo. Please do not share this picture with any of their friends, acquaintances, or other "hot" teenager-types who might someday be interested in them...unless they saw this picture, of course.)

As for what I'm looking forward to most (besides finishing up my current project, and losing 30+ pounds), there are two events I'm anxiously awaiting:

#1 Becoming Jane (see link) I am SOOOO excited for the release of this movie. I love Jane Austen! I love Anne Hathaway! Short of Colin Firth escorting my girlfriend and me to this movie (my husband would rather have dental surgery) I can't think of a better evening out.

#2 Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer--the final book in the Twilight Trilogy. I loved Twilight! It's one of those "can't put down" books. It took me a little longer to get into New Moon, but by the end, she'd won me over, and I'll most definitely be at the bookstore bright and early on August 7, for the release of Eclipse. As a matter of fact, as soon as I finish my current read, I'm heading right for our copies of Twilight and New Moon. After all, I want Bella, Edward and Jacob fresh in my mind.


Julie Wright said...

me too me too!!! I am so excited about both Becoming Jane and the third installment of twilight. Cool Cool stuff. No wonder I love you so much Tami!

Tristi Pinkston said...

I just hope they do Jane justice and don't make her into a sensationalized fantasy.

And would Edward just bite Bella already? Sheesh! But yes, I'm looking forward to this book too.

Katie Parker said...

And I'm looking forward to seeing how the Harry Potter saga ends up. I wish it weren't so dang dark; I liked it better when it was more family-friendly.

But I still want to know how it ends and I'll be getting my book on July 21 along with all the other die-hard Harry fans!

Heather B. Moore said...

I definately want to see Becoming Jane after Julie Wright blogged about it. I hadn't seen any previews. I still need to read Harry Potter 6 (don't throw tomatoes anyone).

Josi said...

I have no idea what this Jane stuff is about, other than it has to do with Jane Austin. I know, I know, follow the link and find out. I will, one day . . .

I totally hear you on the HP stuff, however, I'll be at our local collage bookstore where a friend of mind will be doing a reading dressed up as Dumbledore. I've watched all the other movies getting ready for it!