Thursday, July 5, 2007

Being "It" Was Never So Much Fun

I've been tagged by Anne Bradshaw!
The cool thing about this game of tag, though, is that now that I'm "it" I get to spend some time reminiscing. So here's me in 10 questions or less. Well, actually, it's exactly 10 questions. But "here's me in exactly 10 questions" didn't sound quite as cool.

Elodia Strain

What were you doing ten years ago?
I was getting ready to leave for my freshman year at BYU. I was watching lots of Felicity episodes and believing that like Felicity’s, my first year of college would be a time of deep conversations, academic-looking sweaters, and guys who talked like they were 35.

What were you doing one year ago?
Looking at apartments in Spokane, Washington and realizing that terms like “enchanted cottage” and “cute and cozy bungalow” often mean: “Run far, far away.”

Five snacks you enjoy:
1. Chips and salsa
2. Fruit smoothies
3. Puffins (the cereal, not the bird)
4. Grapefruit
5. Chocolate covered nuts

Five songs you know all the lyrics to:
1. Ice, Ice Baby (yeah, I know)
2. Enloqueseme
3. When You Wish Upon a Star
4. Pitseleh (by Elliott Smith)
5. Nearer My God to Thee

Things you would do if you were a millionaire:
1. Buy a house
2. Go to Hawaii
3. Pay a screen-writer to write a script based on my first book
4. Go to Barnes and Noble and spend hours looking and buying and drinking cocoa in the cafe
5. Learn how to invest the rest of the money
5a. Make sure there is a “rest of the money”

Five bad habits:
1. When I’m concentrating, I push the tip of my nose downward until I look really ridiculous (a few more years of this and I could be in trouble)
2. Worrying too much
3. Apologizing too much
4. Making piles of clothes on the bed/floor/couch/etc. instead of hanging them
5. Not expressing if I need something

Five things you like to do:
1. Read in the bath
2. Walk on the beach
3. Bargain shop
4. Swim with my husband
5. Talk with my family

Things you will never wear again:
1. The puppy earrings and necklace I won for selling the most Girl Scout Cookies
2. LA Gear shoes (though when Santa brought them to me, I think I actually kissed them)
3. My senior prom dress
4. My “Super Seniors” T-shirt
5. Pretty much anything from my senior year of high school…What was up with 1997?

Five favorite toys:
1. Wheel of Fortune board game (it has a wheel that actually spins!)
2. My electronic piano
3. Badminton set given to me by my husband
4. The TV/DVD player
5. My pretty new computer (thanks Mom and Dad!)

Where will I be in ten years?
Who knows? Hopefully not in Antarctica.

People to Tag:
Stephanie Black
Erin Klinger
Tristi Pinkston


Josi said...

What are Puffins? I've honestly never heard of them which means they must be sugar-free :-)

Fun stuff, Elodia, I should have done the script writer thing in mine. Shoot!

Marcia Mickelson said...

That would make a fun movie.

Tamra Norton said...

A read-in-the-bath, bargain shopper, eh? My favorite kind of person! :)

Elodia Strain said...
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Elodia Strain said...

Ah man. I tried to edit my comment and deleted it. I'll try again.


Puffins are hard to find. When I lived in Utah, I had to go to the health food store. They don't have sugar sugar, but they are sweetened by unsulphured molasses--I'm not exactly sure of the benefits of molasses that's unsulphured versus sulphured, but hey, they're super yummy!